“I had the pleasure of working with Miren for one of my clients and she was extremely talented and creative on generating Marketing collaterals and sales pitches for prospective customers. Her writing skills and expertise in using SalesForce to generate sales campaigns were extremely valuable. I look forward to working with Miren again soon when the opportunity arises.”
– Ali S., Professional ASIC Consultant, ARS Consulting, LinkedIn Recommendation

“Let me also just take a minute to let you know how great you are. I am so continually impressed by your work ethic and professional drive. I sing your praises everywhere I go and, whenever I hear someone complaining that ‘the up-and-coming generation has no drive or discipline,’ I point to you as proof of the opposite. You are truly a stand out, Miren. And I am very much looking forward to continuing our work together and watching you grow as a professional.”
– Lisa H., Partner, Raleigh Marketing Group, personal email

“Miren Jenkins is a talented creative writer and journalist. Her articles are both interesting and informative. Her ability to style sentences makes for easy and fun reading.”
– Lance M., Writer & Editor-In-Chief at Grammarian Ink ~ Editorial Solutions, LinkedIn Recommendation

“I had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Miren for five months during her employment at IBM Corporation during 2002. She occupied the desk next to mine, and I observed her collaborate on several projects with other coworkers in her department. I am pleased to say that Miren is a team player, a kind and sincere individual, and an ideal coworker. Her work ethic sparked enthusiasm among her peers and provided ideas which led to the implementation of unrealized efficiencies in our support environment. Miren often took the initiative to get things started and picked up the slack when things were going slowly. She was nice and sincere to everybody at the office and highly respected among her peers. I enthusiastically recommend Miren with steadfast confidence for whatever opportunity she wishes to delve into and only wish that we could have her back at IBM. Intelligence, enthusiasm, and clear communication skills are needed in any workplace. Miren has these qualities and more.”
– Eric M., Manager – Technical Solution Architecture, IBM, LinkedIn Recommendation

“Hola Tangueros, please take a moment and look at my new website designed by Miren Jenkins–fantastic job!”
– Kent B., Tango Instructor, SurferTango.com, email newsletter to his students

“Thanks for the good work. You were ahead of everyone else on the proper use of a good deep South word.”
– Gene A., Partner, Harris-Ainsworth Development Company, personal email in regard to the use of the word “lagniappe”

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